LigandTracer offers a straightforward and robust method for real-time interaction measurement on live cells.

The use of live cells takes you one step closer to in vivo situations and is helpful for understanding how e.g. a drug behaves in a natural environment in terms of affinity, interaction rates, binding mechanisms, specificity, and biological processes. The highly flexible nature of the technology enables a large number of additional applications such as the measurement of cell-cell, protein-bacteria and protein-protein interactions.

Experiments are performed in disposable cell dishes and cells or liquid do not come in contact with any part of the instrument, resulting in a maintenance free system. LigandTracer can measure at room temperature, +4 °C, and +37 °C, making it possible to study the thermodynamics of interactions as well as cell behavior. The computer delivered with the instrument contains pre-installed software packages for assay setup (LigandTracer Control), support (LigandTracer Learning), and evaluation (TraceDrawer), all designed to be intuitive and meet the user’s needs.

More info about the LigandTracer on the website of Ridgeview.

Ligand Tracer instruments
LigandTracer instruments