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LigandTracer models

LigandTracer models differ based on the label type they detect and are named after the colour of their lids.

LigandTracer Green monitors fluorescent signals and is compatible with MultiDishes 2×2, which enables two parallel experiments simultaneously. The interchangeable LED-based detector lets you adapt the instrument to the fluorophores commonly used in your lab.

Available fluorescent detector models in 2020 (visit the website for an updated list):

  • Blue (488 nm) - Green (535 nm), e.g. FITC and Alexa 488
  • Yellow (590 nm) - Red (632 nm), e.g. Rhodamine Red
  • Red (632 nm) - NIR (670 nm), e.g. Alexa Fluor 633

LigandTracer Yellow/White/Grey detects the signal from radiolabeled ligands. Their supreme stability allows measurements of up to several days. Besides the regular LigandTracer applications, these instruments are primarily useful for characterizing diagnostic imaging agents and drugs for targeted radionuclide therapy.

Available instrument models:

  • LigandTracer Yellow: High-energy gamma, e.g. 99mTc, 11C, 111In, 177Lu, 18F, 89Zr, 188Re, and 68Ga.
  • LigandTracer White: Beta emission, e.g. 18F, 14C, 35S, 11C.
  • LigandTracer Grey: Low-energy gamma, e.g. 125I.
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