LSPR - Technology

Localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) sensors of LSPR AG are composed of highly uniform metallic nano-structure arrays and possess several so called active areas that are designed to exhibit specific resonance absorption peaks based on their geometry, arrangement, size and material properties. Even very small changes of the dielectric environment of the metallic nano-structures lead to detectable shifts in the plasmon resonance frequency. This effect can be used to quantify specific molecular binding events by means of applying suitable surface modifications.
To analyze a bioassay:

  1. reagents, i.e. only linker, capture and analyte, are pipetted onto the wells of LSPR biosensor which is then inserted into adapter for microtiter plates,
  2. standard microplate reader is operated with LSPR PLASMON software to record absorption spectra of biosensor data points,
  3. analysis of the absorption spectra and the shift of the absorption peak reveal:
    • if the analyte, e.g antibody, has bound to the capture molecule, and
    • the amount of analyte, e.g. antigen that has bound to the capture molecule.

LSPR wokflow
LSPR Work flow