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MicroScale Thermophoresis is an easy, fast and precise way to quantify biomolecular interactions. The MST technology provides numerous benefits:

  • Optimize assays quickly: judge and improve sample quality immediately.
  • Measure previously unmeasurable targets: work with very small amounts and sensitive samples.
  • Benefit from close-to-native conditions: analyze in all bioliquids (cell lysate, serum) – immobilization-free and label-free.
  • Do your research efficiently: enjoy perfect ease-of-use, purification-free measurements and get rid of maintenance downtimes.
  • Work flexibly: KDs for all molecule weights from ions to ribosomes and for pM to mM binding affinities.

The NT.115 Series measures biomolecular interactions via detection of fluorescent dyes or fluorescent fusion proteins (such as GFP) providing the following benefits:

  • Immobilization-free affinity determination from 1 pM to mM.
  • Broad application range
  • Buffer independency: including serum or cell lysate
  • Purification free: fluorescent fusion proteins

Watch the workflow of the NT.115 instruments at NanoTemper.

Monolith 115
Monolith 115

The Monolith NT.LabelFree measures MST via intrinsic tryptophan fluorescence [280 nm (ex) and 360 nm (em)], therefore providing a truly label-free reaction setup which is most beneficial for difficult samples such as membrane proteins. In addition, the experiment can be performed in any buffer. The NT.LabelFree is exceptionally sensitive for proteins binding to small molecules such as fragments, inhibitors or ions.

The Monolith NT.Automated is designed for high-throughput applications such as drug screening projects. The instrument comprises all benefits of the MST technology and is able to measure 96 samples in parallel. By integrating the instrument into a robot-compatible sample preparation platform, the overall handling time can be reduced to a minimum thus allowing for maximum automation. With the Monolith NT.Automated, NanoTemper Technologies offers a device which fulfills the high demands of pharmaceutical companies to screen and evaluate large libraries of drug candidates.

For a demonstration of the workflow of the NT.Automated, view the movies at NanoTemper.

Monolith NT.Automated
Monolith NT.Automated