Kinetic services

Kinetic Services

Many companies offer services for kinetic measurements or other measurements related to binding interaction or molecule characterization. Some companies offer one technique other a whole range of complementary techniques. On this page a list of companies and the services they provide.

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Profacgen logoProfacgen has organized a team of scientists with extensive experience in the study of PPIs to offer you one-stop service on your PPI project. We can help with your experiment design, carry out your experiments, and perform data analysis. We have established in our lab a series of assays to help with your research, including high throughput interaction screening assays such as Yeast two-hybrid screening and phage display technology, interaction strength and kinetics assays such as Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR). Each approach has its own advantages and weaknesses in terms of sensitivity and specificity.

Isothermal Titration Calorimetry

Profacgen’s service is powered by our best knowledge of physical chemistry and structural biology, as well as advanced analysis instruments, including MicroCal iTC200. Profacgen offers professional one-stop services for isothermal titration calorimetry measurement:

  • High sensitivity for binding constant as low as nM
  • Small sample quantities as low as 20 µM
  • Full service packing from sample preparation to data analysis
  • Regular ITC assays
  • Data fitting and interpretation
  • Quantification and characterization based on molecular mechanisms

Bio-Layer Interferometry

Profacgen provides label-free and real-time BLI analysis of a wide range of interacting molecules. Our analysis system supports high throughput protein characterization and screening. It has been proven to be reliable by clients from pharmaceutical and diagnostic industry as well as from academia.


  • Protein quantitation in the analyte
  • Binding specificity and cooperativity determination
  • Affinity and Kinetics analysis (measurement of reaction rate constants (kobs, ka, kd) and binding affinity constant (KD))

Our BLI service advantages:

  • Best price in the market
  • Short turn-around time
  • Consistent analysis results
  • Highly experienced team