Simulation software

Simulation software

Below software programs which can be of use is planning your experiments.

LigandTracer Learning

LigandTracer logoLigandTracer Learning from Ridgeview Instruments AB is an interactive educational software about real-time interaction measurements. Each lesson explores a new aspect, such as assay setup, kinetic theory and data analysis. LigandTracer Learning lets the user simulate measurements and gives immediate feedback on the outcome, based on the user´s choice of concentration and incubation times. Instructive videos and supplementary background information are included for additional support. A final test let the user confirm knowledge transfer and receive a personal diploma.



SPR-SimulationThe SPR-Simulation program is a standalone application to simulate kinetic interaction curves. The program draws the curves after the input of the kinetic rate constants, the analyte concentration and the association and dissociation times. Other features are the simulation of equilibrium sensorgrams and plotting an overlay over an imported sensorgram figure.



KDAssistantThe KD Assistant is programmed by Baoxian Li and is a small program to assist with the optimization of kinetics runs. The program can calculate the maximal analyte concentration to be used from one manual three-minute analyte injection. The input consists of the initial binding rate (slope), the response of the analyte injection and the analyte concentration.
The program deals also with the capturing level of the ligand and adjusts the analyte concentration accordingly.